Being a part of Company at PDA

PDA’s team mission is to create well-rounded dancers with a solid foundation in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and Character. PDA's Mini, Petite, Junior and Senior companies are made up of multiple teams, varying in age and skill level. The company provides opportunities for these young dancers to showcase their talents in regional and national competitions. Their coach will set goals to develop their talent, commitment, discipline, and team spirit. Plainfield Dance is adamant in encouraging students to pursue their dreams in dance as well as in life.

Company Requirements

Why should my child join the PDA Company Team?


We provide a rewarding environment where hard work and determination are encouraged. Not only will your student learn much in their time here, but they will enjoy their time with us. The student will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment which will help them build confidence and carry that sense of self into all aspects of their life.  The students will become a close group who support and encourage each other.

Competitions & Performances


Each year PDA will compete in two to four regional competitions. Attendance at all competitions is mandatory with possible participation fees. If the dancers make it to National Competitions, the coach will decide together with the parents to attend or not. Nationals are not mandatory.

Performance opportunities will take place in the Chicago metro area. We have many opportunities for the students to perform, from street fairs to full stage productions and we encourage all dancers to participate.



The PDA Company is a year-long commitment for all members which begins in August of each year. As members of the PDA team they must register and participate for all 6 terms of our year. All dancers must attend all of their required dance classes on a regular basis in order to be in good standing within Company. You are part of a team, others depend on you to be there and know your parts. Fees and tuition costs must be kept up to date and paid per payment schedule.


Understudies may be selected for as many groups as possible. This is not only helpful to the choreographer, but also a very important role for the selected dancer. If your dancer is selected as an understudy, please encourage them to take part in this excellent learning experience with the possible opportunity to perform. Understudies will learn the choreography just as the dancers selected for the group. An understudy would go in for a dancer due to illness, injury or dismissal from the Company Team. Understudies will be required to be at all rehearsals. Choreographers will expect the same commitment and work ethic from understudies as dancers in the piece. There is no cost to the understudy for the team class and they will use the team member’s costume for whom they are filling in. Competition fees will also be paid by the missing team member.

Class Requirements

All required classes must be taken at Plainfield Dance Academy (PDA). All required classes and disciplines will be strictly enforced. Any PDA Company Member not meeting their obligations to the team is grounds for immediate dismissal. Class schedule will be based on your child's ballet level. The following classes are what the PDA company member will be required to take:

Mini Company

Ballet Level 2


2 Days of Instructional
(2 Ballets, Stretch & Strength and Jazz)


1 Company Class

(1-hour class per week)

Petite Company

Ballet Level 3




3 Days of Instructional
(3 Ballets, Pre-Point/Variation, Character, and Contemporary)

1 Company Class

(1-hour class per week)

Junior Company

Ballet Level 4



3 Days of Instructional
(3 Ballets, Pre-Pointe/Variation,

Conditioning, Contemporary,
and Character)

1 Company Class

(1-hour class per week)

All decisions on solos, duos, trios and ensemble are made at the discretion of Mr. Altin & Miss Olena. Therefore, it is understood that just because a dancer has performed a specialty piece in the past, such as a solo, it doesn't necessarily mean they will be approved again. 

Junior Company

Ballet Level 4B




4 Days of Instructional

(4 Ballets, Pointe/Variation,

Conditioning, Contemporary,
and Character)

1 Company Class
(1-hour classes per week)

Senior Company

Ballet Level 5/6 Seniors




5 Days of Instructional

(5 Ballets, Pointe/Variation,

Conditioning, Contemporary, Character, and Jazz)

2 Company Classes
(Two 1-hour classes per week)

WDT Company

Ballet 6




6 Days of Instructional

(6 Ballets, 6 Pointe/Variation, Conditioning, Contemporary, Character, and Jazz)

2 Company Classes

(Two 1-hour classes per week)

Company Costs

Company Tuition


Regular class time is required by level and is not included in the cost of Company tuition. Company rehearsals are $10.00 per hour. 

(1 hr. week / $80.00 per term)


(1 hr. week / $80.00 per term)


(1 hr. week / $80.00 per term)


(1.5 hrs. week / $120.00 per term)


(3 hrs. week / $240.00 per term)

Competition &
Other Costs


Entry Fees.  $100 approx.
(Per Competition)

Solo Entry Fee  $105 approx.

(Per Dance/
Per Competition)

Entry Fee  $25 - $65 

(Per Dance/Per Dancer/
Per Competition)

Dance Shoe  $20-$75 approx.
(Per Pair)

Make-up   $50 - $100 



Costumes $30-$400+

PDA does not make a profit on costumes and we charge you only what we are charged. We try to recycle as much as we can and the cost can be relatively inexpensive – like a leotard (approx. $30-$60) to expensive like a tutu (approx. $400+ not decorated).


Soloist will pay for an expensive tutu, but there is always options to rent and not pay full cost for costumes. This is the part of the cost which has the most fluctuation and can’t be determined until costumes are purchased.


If you have concerns or questions, please talk to us regarding
costumes cost.

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